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8 Points On How To Create Viral Content That Generates 2500 Visitors Per Day

Viral by definition means any content that is shared widely, in other words, something that goes popular in a short period. Don’t we all wish our content goes viral and reaches a large amount of audience? While it is difficult to ascertain which content will go viral, planning and striving towards it can certainly help. Prioritize making content that has all the capabilities of going viral, something that the people cannot resist sharing. When you focus on that, you can get even more than 2500 visitors on a daily basis. 

Given below is a list of some methods that will help in creating viral content that generates a hefty amount of visitors.  

  1.  Research 

Spend a considerable amount of time researching the kind of content that is popular among your target audience. Research is an essential process in the content creation process as only then you will know what exactly you are supposed to do, where you are supposed to do it, and for whom. You need to know where to find your target audience, the content they engage with, and share the most. This will give you an insight as to what medium of content you should be using. You can also give a peek into your competitor’s viral content, this will give you an idea to produce something even better. 

  1.  Embrace Uniqueness

One of the essential things that make any piece of content go viral is its uniqueness. Aim to stand out from the crowd by generating content that is original and authentic. Do not be afraid to be different and do not shy away from experimenting with your content. Generally, practically useful content carries a high chance of going viral. Think about how you can bring your own twist to a topic, adding more value to it and thereby making it better than what it was. 

  1. Evoking Emotions

Eliciting an emotional response among the public is a good way of making your content go viral. Most people seek videos that promise a reaction, be it happy, excited, or even sad. As a creator, you need to be aware of what your audience wants and deliver it in a way that engages them and makes them want to share it ahead. When people come across something that moves them emotionally, they are more likely to share it. An element of surprise, whether positive or negative, is also a key factor in making content go viral.

  1.  An Engaging Hook 

What makes users click on anything that they see on the internet? Something that instantly grabs their attention. The point is to hook them to your content within the first few seconds of spotting it. These same people will then be willing to share your content. Your hook should carry a clear message, it should make an appeal to your target audience, and encourage them to engage with your content. Different kinds of content have different hooks, for example, a hook for a YouTube video would be a catchy thumbnail, for an article it would be an interesting headline and for images, it would be quirky taglines.   

  1.  Visual Appeal 

Chances of your content going viral are increased when users find it visually appealing. Visual content is easily consumable and is engaging as well as entertaining for the user. This is a great idea to make informative content less boring and more impactful. A visual element can be in the form of a video, an image, infographic, or even a gif. The popularity of online video formats has recently escalated and it has proven effective in boosting engagement and making content go viral. The main component is the content but the way you deliver it also matters in making it go viral. 

  1.  Promotional Strategy 

Creating a promotional strategy for your content to be shared widely is as important as creating the content itself. You need to give the content that you have created an initial push so that it goes viral. This also depends on what exactly you want to achieve from that piece of content, whether your end goal is to gain views, promote a product or boost your online presence. You need to figure out where exactly your target audience is and then accordingly plan out a promotional strategy. You can also run paid ad campaigns, they will help boost your content to a much wider audience, however, this does not guarantee whether it will go viral or not. 

  1.  Track Your Progress

Once you have done all of the aforementioned things, it is important to track your progress. Programs such as Google Analytics, social media analysis and content marketing tools can be used to measure the performance depending on what the campaign is and where it is run. Most importantly you should be measuring the number of times people share your content and the platforms where they share it.  

  1.  Don’t Be Afraid to Start Over

Do not be discouraged even if after all your efforts your content was not able to go viral. Analyze the data you have acquired with your past campaigns and come back even stronger. Go over the details and cross-check every attribute. If your campaign did not have a clear strategy and well-defined end goal, it would be a failed marketing campaign that is unlikely to go viral. Thorough research about your target audience is a must. The reason your campaign failed could be because you targeted them on the wrong platform. And ultimately, The feedback you get from the audience will tell a lot about why the campaign did not work the way it was supposed to. 


When any piece of content goes viral, it acts as a free advertisement for your brand. With viral content, you can reach a much wider audience to spread your brand message with, increase your engagement, and gain credibility. There is no formula for making content go viral. It requires calculated efforts and is an overwhelming task. Studio Rudra has a team of Digital Marketers and Social Media Experts with years of industry experience that can help your brand reach new heights. Our in-house production team combined with our digital marketing team takes care of everything, from content creation to finding the right strategies for its promotion. When you partner with us, we take the load off of you. So, get in touch with us today. 

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