What We Do?

Ad Films

We take immense pride in our ad films, as we just don’t produce them, we idealize and conceptualize them too. Studio Rudra has an already existing client base, which welcomes new accounts every year. We create ad films like any leading ad agency and execute them too. If you’re a brand with the next big thing to sell, then do write to us and set up a meeting with our team.

Corporate And Brand Films

A budding brand or an established conglomerate, every company needs a brand or corporate film, that reflects its ethics and ideals. Trust us to keep your company’s essence intact, while building a visual narrative that will be remembered by the generations to come.

CSR Films

If you are doing some good for the society, then we’d be happy to tell it to the world. It’s your good deed and we come up with ideas. Campaigns and stories to share it with the world in the most impactful way.

Campaign Videos

Is your brand up to some social changes? Our storytellers are always on the lookout for real stories at the grassroots level. If you have a vision to bring a change in the society. Meet our experienced social strategy team and we promise to stir it into a movement on the visual medium.

Training Videos

Have a mobile application or a new innovation to explain to your own team or even your consumers? Leave it to us. With a video team dedicated to making training easier. We produce the most user-friendly explainer videos. But with a dash of fun because learning should be fun.

Vlogs & Videos

Share your unique vlog ideas and leave the rest to us. Right from researching to hitting the upload button. we do it all Our digital media experts come with great insights and in-depth knowledge about the digital medium, which helps the video team curate content that can be turned into profitable branded properties with a great following.

2D & 3D Animation

We have a team of animation professionals and their lives revolve around mapping. Creating models and rendering. Not to exaggerate, but they literally breathe keys and layers.

Features & Short Films

Storytelling runs in our DNA. Our experienced writers and directors brainstorm their way through some original plots and do everything right from dialogues to screenplay to direction. We have an existing pool of stories and scripts waiting to be on the reel. Some of them are in the making too. We also welcome writers who have an enticing story to tell so if you have one waiting to be told, then do write to us.


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